How does Golf fit into our school curriculum?

Ever since the age of 12 I have enjoyed a round of golf. I remember the day I got my first set of golf clubs, and spent hours chipping and putting in the back garden. Lets just say dad was not impressed with the divots, but we did eventually dig a flower pot into the ground so I could practice my putting.

Eventually I joined my local golf club, Glencourse Golf Club, Midlothian and was able to spend many a day there during the holidays. Even then the prices were very cheap for a junior. Always look around your local golf clubs as there are some real bargains out there.

In terms of playing golf at my school we were lucky enough to have a school team. We would play against other schools at local golf clubs, 6 singles matches. Although remember the teachers enjoyed it just as much. Could we do this now, I doubt it, but you never know.

Primary School Resources

The Golf Foundation is a great starting point for introducing golf to your school. Lots on the there to start with and of course there are various CPD sessions available to teachers.

Davies sport supplies the equipment. One bag should keep the whole class entertained. Remember pupils can share the equipment. We have run events in the school hall and outside on the field. Would recommended getting the velcro targets.

Secondary School Resources

Street Golf is the next variation of golf to hit Secondary schools. The Golf Foundation has a great set of resources to help in the delivery.

The School Games programme also has a series of initiatives which can help in the delivery in lessons. We have tended to use golf for Key Stage 4 Core PE lessons. We taken them to the driving range, put a driving range on the school field, set up a 9 hole golf course on the field using hoops, blue cones for water, yellow cones for bunkers and white cones for out of bounds.

One note is on class size as from experience golf works best with classes 18-20 in number.

Extra-curricular opportunities


We have attempted to run after school clubs where have taken groups to the driving range, usually a minibus full. Although a great starting point things you have to consider.

  • Number of pupils
  • 2/3 pupils per bay works ok
  • Money
  • Access to Clubs

School Games offer through Golf Foundation.

We have had very little inter school competition locally. Think the issue over how long a round of golf takes means to play golf tie you will need to get pupils out in the afternoon. Perhaps developing a 6 or 9 hole challenge would be better.


The English Schools Golf Association has a list of all your local county competitions. Durham County have their competition just after the Easter holiday. Entries tend to come out February of that year. Contact for the event is Ron Snell

Details of coordinator can be found.


Durham County Schools Championships 2022

TYNESIDE SENIOR SCHOOLS SPORT ASSOCIATION host a Golf event which takes place during the Summer Term.


England Schools Golf Association host the event below.

Friday 13th May


Longhirst Hall Golf Club, Northumberland


Generally to qualify for the events below you need to do it through County qualifying events. The Team championships is definitely one to aim for

Monday 27th June


Gog Magog Golf Club, Cambridgeshire

Wednesday 6th July


Woodhall Spa Golf Club, Lincolnshire

Monday 18th July


Chesterfield Golf Club, Derbyshire

Useful links

The Golf Foundation

Street Games

England Golf

England Schools Golf


Durham County Golf

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