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The Co-curricular jigsaw

Co-curricular activities have such a vital role to play in our educational establishments. We have a duty to give our pupils the whole experience.

Ofsted (September 2019) are focusing more on what a school offers pupils…………………

“The ‘behaviour and attitudes’ judgement will assess whether leaders are creating a calm and orderly environment, where bullying is tackled effectively by leaders when it occurs. While the ‘personal development’ judgement will recognise the work early years providers, schools and colleges do to build young people’s resilience and confidence in later life, including through participation in sport, music and extra-curricular activities.”

In my current PE department we are keen to give our pupils as many opportunities as possible. Not only in school sessions but also locally, county wide, regionally and nationally. As we have covered the various activities in our syllabus it has become evident that we need to map out what is available at these different competition levels.

So we hope map out every sporting activity looking at what we do in school, which local competitions we enter, how do county competitions help in their development and finally which regional/national events are worth entering.

A side note, we will investigate what coaching/leadership opportunities are available to our pupils and the training courses that teachers can attend to develop their knowledge of that activity.

Each week an activity will be broken down and the findings published.