Being a parent with 4 children, three of which are teenage boys and an enthusiastic 6 year old daughter, it has become more apparent that as the boys continue to be involved in sport at various levels and in different sports the financial pressure has become more pronounced. A PE teacher’s salary can only go so far. Therefore this series is going to look at the price of sports in the Durham area.


As a father and PE teacher of four children it has always been the aim to ensure that my four children have a balanced lifestyle which incorporated sport, school and play. By play I mean when they go out out with friends, watch their tablet or play on the games console. It has been a challenge to find the sports the children will not only like but want to continue to take part in, however for the three teenage boys the balance has hopefully been reached.

Here is quick outline of where our children are at now.

6 year old daughter :- We are still trying to find her favourites. She currently does swimming, hockey, tumbling and horse riding. In the summer months she likes cricket and a spot of surfing.

12 year old son:- he has tried hockey, cricket, diving but has now settled on football and rugby.

14 year old son:- Did not really fall in love with the team sports after trying football, cricket and hockey. Now fully into his bikes.

15 year old son:- Just stopped playing football this year. Now focusing on cricket, hockey and golf.

For this series the sports cover by my children is a good starting point. The series will look at the price of each sport including membership and equipment. It is hoped that some of the sports manufactures will come on board and start to produce starter packs enabling children to start playing and using equipment that is quality.

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